PI Berlin and SolarBuyer strengthening quality management from factory to the field


Combining the strengths of both companies

The merger of PI Berlin with SolarBuyer has created one of the largest independent service providers in the PV industry focused exclusively on the management of PV equipment quality and risk. The summit brought together significant expertise in laboratory testing, factory assessments and the field evaluation of installed PV equipment to create a truly comprehensive quality management package for banks, investors, developers and utilities. At the summit, the new team not only decided on the structure of the enlarged company, but also spent time determining how the new team can best focus on customers and their needs.

„The merger of PI Berlin and SolarBuyer clearly combines the strengths of both companies,” says Paul Grunow, Founder and CEO of PI Berlin. „Personally, a long history working in the PV industry connects us closely with the Founders of SolarBuyer who bring a similar track record of industry experience to the table. What we have brought together opens up exciting, new growth opportunities for the company.“

A focal point for PV equipment expertise

„The atmosphere at the summit in Berlin was very positive and was marked by the motivation of all colleagues to offer customers the best know-how in the field of risk management and quality assurance of PV equipment” says Peter Rusch, the new VP Global Sales at PI Berlin.

The new structure reflects a strong focus on managing complex projects that also demand a high level of technical expertise. Major buyers, owners and investors in the PV sector will find in PI Berlin a company who offers a considerable concentration of knowledge and experience.

As well as providing a fully ISO 17025 lab capability in Europe and China, the company now provides specific centers of expertise in bifacial and shingled cell module technologies, thin-film modules, module cleaning solutions, string and central inverters and the physical inspection and evaluation of PV power plants. To make managing complex technical diligence of PV equipment easier, the company now also provides a fully independent quality rating system for modules as well as complete PV power plants.

Three new business functions focused on customers

In order to reflect a focus on customer needs, the company has been re-structured into three new functions. A sales and marketing team contains experienced professional and technical advisors dedicated to serving customers.

A project delivery team coordinates the implementation of projects worldwide to ensure the efficient delivery of what is promised to customers. Finally, a technical services team delivers the actual laboratory, factory and field based services with fully trained Engineers and certified equipment.

For example, a typical project may involve a pre-production factory audit and production supervision in Vietnam, product quality testing at the laboratory in China and on-site inspection of the completed power plant in India. Being able to efficiently exchange information between activities and successfully coordinate complex services like these across multiple geographies will deliver very real benefits to customers.

The company’s services will remain under the SolarBuyer brand in the USA and China for the time being. All other regions will operate under the PI Berlin brand. PI Berlin has two offices and an ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory in Germany, a second accredited test laboratory in China, as well as offices in Shanghai in China, Chennai in India and Boston in the USA.