R.POWER secured a large portfolio of PV projects in Ital


Italy is a country which may be one of the fastest growing renewable energy markets in Europe in the next few years. Solar energy will be of key importance for the growth of RES. The market growth is facilitated by excellent climate conditions. The yearly amount of solar radiation in the southern part of the country is ca. 2,000 kWh/m2. For comparison, this result is by almost 50% lower in Poland.

The growth of photovoltaics in Italy observed a dynamic growth in the last two years. Installations with a total power of 1.5 GWp have been connected to the grid during this period, whereas in the 2017-2018 period have increased slightly more than 0.8 GWp. The national power sector devel-opment plan (Piano Nazionale Integrato per l’Energia e il Clima – PNIEC) foresees an increase of solar power by more than 30 GWp until 2030. Italy intends to increase the share of renewable energy sources by 28% in terms of energy consumption and by 55% in terms of electricity con-sumption until that date.

– During the next year, the expected daily increase of power from PV in Italy should be 2 to 3 GWp. This result should be achieved thanks continuation of the auction system and to the dynamic growth of the PPA market. We should remember that Italy is one of the first countries, which achieved parity of the solar energy market. – said Przemek Pięta, co-founder and President of the Board of R.POWER, leader of the PV market in Poland. The company plans to secure a portfolio of projects with the total power of more than 300 MWp in Italy until the end of this year, located in various parts of the country (i.e. in Sicily, Basilicata, Umbria, Abruzzo and Lombardy). The start of construction works at the first PV farm is planned for early 2022.

– Italy is an extremely important country in the plan of our international growth. After a slowdown period, we can very clearly see the drive to increase power obtained from renewable energy sources here. We want to take advantage of this. A strategy based on a varied product portfolio should help us to achieve this goal. It includes not only various geographical locations, but also the size and type of the installation, including agro-voltaic projects. Because of the very significant limitation in growth of projects in agricultural areas, the latter projects will be an important element of the PV sector in Italy – adds Przemek Pięta.