Seraphim launches high efficiency P-Type PERC bifacial PV module


The new module is a dual-glass design, incorporating P-type bifacial PERC cells encapsulated between two pieces of glass. This configuration enables absorption of incremental photons from ground reflection and scattered light.

As an example, Seraphim’s 72-cell P-type PERC bifacial module has a front-side PMAX output of 370W, with an additional 276W available from the back. Bifacial manufacturing is compatible with Seraphim’s current factory equipment, therefore production can scale up with minimal additional cost.

Seraphim’s bifacial products use frameless design, conveniently solving the problematic issue of PID. Tempered glass replaces the standard backsheet, better protecting internal cells from micro-cracks, snail trails, UV aging, and environmental corrosion. Reliability and durability are enhanced in all environments, including high humidity and salt fog. Bifacial modules are perfect for sandy, snowy and high latitude regions.

“Using the faith that innovation is a vital driver, Seraphim has devoted itself in the most forward-looking way possible.”, said Polaris Li, General Manager of Seraphim. “We arise to challenges in technology, thereby engineering ideal products. Our new bifacial product demonstrates clear benefits like higher output and reliability. .”