SIEMENS Asia-pacific Headquarters Rooftop Project


“Siemens Center Beijing (SCB) is an example of modern architecture that is energy saving, environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.” Said Dr. Sluitner, CEO of Siemens real estate asset management group. Siemens Asia-pacific Headquarters has received lots of public attention ever since it was completed in May 2008. Currently, the digital renewable energy project that gradually comes into shape has made it one of the top-level green buildings in Beijing, laying a ground work for the deployment of internationally advanced energy storage devices, as well as the establishment of a demonstrative energy Internet park by the end of 2020. Within the 25-years life cycle of photovoltaic system, the photovoltaic modules supplied by Suntech are expected to generate 340,000 kW•h of clean power on average annually, which will be a reliable supplement to the existing external power grid.

Siemens Asia-pacific Headquarters is a green project of energy conservation and environmental protection, it not only demonstrates Siemens' innovative products and technology concepts, but also achieves its goal of sustainable development. Siemens chose Suntech as its strategic supplier just because of its pursuit of excellence in product quality. While Suntech supplied for Siemens Asia-pacific Headquarters various new materials, new processes and new technologies, it provided technical references for domestic rooftop photovoltaic projects, especially that in urban areas of north China.