Solar design software release


QuickSolar has announced the version 2.0 release of their easy-to-use PV design software that empowers solar salespeople globally to design and propose solar systems for their prospects, quicker and more accurately than ever before.

As the solar professional simply drags & drops solar electric (PV) panels onto a satellite image of their customers’ homes, QuickSolar performs all the necessary calculations to show the system’s estimated solar energy production by the hour, monthly savings, total subsidies, net cost, break-even time, and environmental impact, among other key metrics. Once the design is complete, the solar professional can instantly generate a proposal with charts and graphs that make inherently complex data easy for them and their customers to understand.

Extended features of the CRM include the ability to save customer contact info, create and modify global solar incentives, select a utility rate from almost 40,000 U.S. rates, apply energy bills to designs, upload site photos and documents, and more.

The award-winning software saves the solar contractor thousands of dollars in costs related to design, customer qualification, proposal generation, and customer acquisition. “A potential customer can now see a visually accurate representation of solar panels on his rooftop along with an interactive proposal in just a few minutes,” said Scott Oman, QuickSolar Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “As the part owner a solar integrator and NABCEP-certified PV Installer and Salesperson, QuickSolar has drastically improved the efficiency and quality of deliverables created by my sales team. It completely blows the hinges off of any other design or sales platform that I’ve seen.”

A basic QuickSolar “Pro” account is free, with no credit card required and nothing to download. The new v2.0 release includes a slick new interface, and a host of added features, including the new utility rate database, and hourly & daily energy output projections.