Solarize Energy opens largest on-farm solar project in Ontario


The 675 kiloWatt system produces enough energy to meet the electricity needs of 80 average Ontario homes for one year. As a rooftop solar system, it doesn't occupy any space that could be used for any other purpose, or modify the landscape, or take farm land out of production.

“Solarize Energy is committed to assisting rural communities and the agricultural sector in adopting renewable energy as a strategy that combines a positive environmental impact with a financially sustainable investment," said Carlos Leite, Managing Director at Solarize Energy L.P.

This project is possible under the government of Ontario’s FIT Program with its focus on the development of the distributed generation of green power. In countries like Germany, the agricultural sector has been a leading force in the adoption of renewable energy, and farmers in Ontario have been quick to realize the benefit to them of supplementing their farming income with a 20 year contract for the production of green power.

"For this particular project, we were excited to team with Van Osch Farms in putting in place a system that does not compromise in any way the operations of a 9,000-head beef operation,” said Leite.

By replacing fossil fuels, the green energy generated by this system will also contribute significantly to efforts to fight climate change. The annual reduction in GHG emissions is equivalent to eliminating 924 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere or to removing 169 cars or light trucks off the road.

“Designing and engineering a system as complex as this one, and ensuring that the installation and operation doesn't compromise our main line of business, required a particular combination of experience and skills," said Fred Van Osch, who runs Van Osch Farms along with Gerald Van Osch. "Solarize delivered on that expertise, helping us to generate an additional source of revenue and at the same time contributing effectively to the fight against climate change.”

“We have been very pleased with our partnership with Solarize and with reducing our carbon footprint. To capture the sunshine, what an idea. You never have to plant — you just harvest,” added Gerald.