Solarspace’s first public appearance at Intersolar Europe


This is the first presenting for Solarspace in Intersolar, and also the first time for their module products appearing in Europe, which established the foundation in European market and showing the group’s determination in module business.

Solarspace provides commercial and residential PV solutions for European customers with a variety of PV modules, including SS8-54 HS 390~415M single-glass mono-crystalline PERC PV modules, SS8-72HS 530~555M single-glass mono-crystalline PERC PV modules, SS8-72HD 530~555M double-glass mono-crystalline PERC PV modules for the EU 2030’s “Zero Carbon Vision”.

Munich is the first stop for SolarSpace’s PV modules to the world in 2022. SolarSpace will keep pushing R&D, quality and service to the next level, dedicating for global carbon neutralization.