Sunrun Partners Offer BrightBox Solar Power Plus Energy Storage Systems in Hawaii


Sunrun Inc., the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States, today announced its partners in Hawaii can offer Sunrun BrightBox solar plus energy storage systems and Hawai‘i residents can buy Sunrun BrightBox directly at big box retailers. With BrightBox, Hawai‘i residents can enjoy affordable clean energy day and night through a monthly or prepaid lease for little to no money down.

It is easier than ever for local customers to start powering their home day and night with affordable clean energy. Sunrun partners selling Sunrun BrightBox in Hawai‘i include Rising Sun Solar, American Electric, RevoluSun, Alternate Energy, Island Sun Solar and LGCY Power. Local Sunrun partners can also continue to grow and maintain operations, despite changes in the regulatory environment for residential solar in Hawai‘i.

“By offering BrightBox in retail stores and through our partners, more Hawai‘i residents will enjoy saving on their electricity bill with clean solar power day and night,” said Michael Grasso, Sunrun’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Solar plus storage is the next phase for rooftop solar in Hawaii and will help the state reach its ambitious 100 percent clean energy goal.”

Hawaiian Electric Company’s (HECO) new Customer Self-Supply (CSS) Program enables homeowners to install solar plus energy storage and produce affordable clean power for their own use at home. The Hawaiian grid benefits from residents installing solar plus energy storage because connected systems help eliminate or defer the need for expensive backup power plants, new power lines and energy grid upgrades. BrightBox offers residents an opportunity to continue to save with the sun even as utility constraints have reduced consumer choice. Sunrun BrightBox customers will be prioritized for installation by their local utility under the state’s CSS Program.

“We’re able to continue to grow and operate our business in Maui, Oahu and the Big Island, thanks to the Sunrun BrightBox product. It’s the right solution for the evolving residential solar market,” said Matias Besasso, co-owner of Rising Sun Solar. “We anticipate strong customer interest in a product like BrightBox, which offers clean solar power priced below utility prices today.”

For customers interested in BrightBox, Sunrun takes care of everything from permitting to installation. Customers can go solar hassle-free—all they need to think about is what they’ll do with the money they’ll be saving.