Suports will supply 1 MW of its rooftop structures to a project in Merida, Mexico


The structure and anchoring will accommodate a total of 2,889 solar PV modules on three buildings, which forced Suports to consider the use of different solutions, included in its catalog, to satisfy each of the rooftop requirements. This means that Suports will supply inclined structure – Basic Tilted System at 13 degrees for one and two heights – and flat structure, its Basic Flat System.

Of special relevance is one of the systems, the ECO Basic Coplanar System, specifically designed by Suports for KR-18 metal roof covers. The ECO Basic Coplanar System is the simplest solution for this kind of roof covers, as it uses one single element to fix the structure to the cover and to anchor the PV module, proving a superior robustness along with a simpler assembly, according to installers of the solar sector.