Trina Solar at SNEC: the Vertex module takes the lead of PV industry


This year’s SENC (International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference) was held later than in previous years because of COVID-19. The pandemic has had a huge impact on the global economy, and every industry faces very tough challenges as a result.

However, some global photovoltaic companies, including Trina Solar, have risen to that challenge and achieved growth against the trend. The Chinese photovoltaic industry has thus shown its resilience and great capacity for sustainable development.

Gao Jifan, Chairman of Trina Solar and Chairman of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, told the SNEC: “The Chinese photovoltaic industry is now undoubtedly the world leader, with a complete industry chain from upper to downstream. We have a huge responsibility and still have many Chinese solutions and a lot of wisdom to contribute in the sustainable development of the global photovoltaic industry.”

Trina Solar’s Vertex 600W/550W module series presented at the SNEC

In line with the important mission that Gao talked of in his address, Trina Solar never ceases to think about how it can innovate. At this year’s SNEC, Trina Solar unveiled the latest Vertex 660W series, the next-generation Vertex series with power output of up to 600W+. The Vertex 600W series, launched three weeks ago, includes an innovative layout design, high-density packaging and other advanced technologies, all of which help to reduce system costs.

If we work to reduce the component price only you cannot improve a customer’s profit margin, so Trina Solar has converted the price strategy into an all-round value strategy that immensely benefits customers. At the same time, applying an ultra-high power module technology on the system side requires an open and innovative attitude, and a new action model that brings together all those in the industry chain. In his address Gao said:The photovoltaic industry needs to be an open, innovative and collaborative ecosystem. Only high-quality technological innovation can push growth to the limits and at the same time ensure the achievements made are within the limits of sustainable development.”

This new innovative milestone has got many thinking about how maximum benefit can be reaped from the new technology. For example, how compatible is the 600W+ module with other products in the industry chain?  Trina Solar and members of 600w+ photovoltaic open innovation ecological alliance gave us the solutions at specific conference within the SNEC on August 9, “System and application advantages of high-module string power output”.

With the authoritative endorsement of third parties, the Vertex series has become the new benchmark product

Also, at the SNEC, Trina Solar announced that its Vertex series modules had passed stringent tests and comprehensive evaluation through the China General Certification Center, a leading third-party technical services provider in the energy industry. As an honored guest, Zhou Gang, the center’s marketing director, and Zhao Mengyu, senior director of the Global Module and Overseas Distributed Smart Energy Value Creation Group, attended the award certificate presentation ceremony.

The acquisition of these certifications shows that the safety, reliability and functionality of high-module string power output have been fully verified and affirmed. It adds value for potential industry partners, gives them greater confidence in developing an open relationship, and inspires them as they work on the industry’s next generation of products. Mr. Cao Bo, Executive Vice President of Trina Solar, said: “Ultra-high power module technology has given birth to technological process innovation and industrial chain synergy, but adds challenges in ensuring module reliability. Trina Solar has worked with third-party organizations to explore testing methods and evaluation standards relating to ensuring the long-term reliability of components, never letting up in our efforts to ensure we deliver customers value, and as we continued to contribute to the industry’s growth.”

With certification from one of the industry's most authoritative organizations, the Vertex series is undoubtedly an important step for Trina Solar in expanding domestic and overseas markets and in promoting another technological revolution in the photovoltaic industry.

The SNEC proved yet again to be a valuable venue in which many aspects of the industry could be discussed and participants could pick up valuable information. We saw that in this year’s SNEC, many photovoltaic companies have presented their high-power modules, which are making out their place in the industry. We trust that with continuous innovation, the photovoltaic industry will go from strength to strength, including making grid parity an attainable goal within the next few years.