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The Hydrogen Stream: US government wants to reduce green hydrogen cost by 80% to $1 per kilogram in one decade

Furthermore, Swiss energy company Axpo and Swedish-Swiss electrical equipment giant ABB committed to combining their technologies and skills for several projects related to green hydrogen in Italy and Germany’s gas transmission system operators Gascade and Ontras announced a plan to set up a platform for the hydrogen industry in eastern Germany, with an initial grid to cover 475 kilometers of pipelines.


Madrid taxis to be powered by solar hydrogen

Spanish developer FRV has agreed to participate in a €100 million effort to generate hydrogen via a 10 MW electrolyzer, powered by a 20 MW solar plant.


The Hydrogen Stream: 2.7 GW of operational electrolyzer capacity expected for Europe by 2025

According to two new pieces of research, Europe is on track to reach 2.7 GW of operational hydrogen electrolyzer capacity by 2025 and most of this capacity is expected to be located in Germany. Furthermore, three European gas associations have assessed the competitiveness of the different transportation options for hydrogen and have found it depends on the distance over which hydrogen is transported, as well as on scale and end-use.

German hydrogen demand likely to pick up from 2030, says Fraunhofer

Widespread green hydrogen deployment will be key to achieving stringent climate targets, and German hydrogen demand is set to grow from the 80 TWh range in 2030 to between 400 TWh and 800 TWh by 2050, according to a new joint study by several Fraunhofer-related entities.


The Hydrogen Stream: 200 MW electrolyzer in the Netherlands, Russian-French partnership for blue hydrogen

French energy company TotalEnergies and Russia’s second-largest natural gas producer, Novatek, are exploring new opportunities in the development of decarbonized blue hydrogen and ammonia. Anglo-Dutch energy major Royal Dutch Shell has awarded the Australian engineering company Worley a services contract to support the development of a new 200 MW electrolysis-based hydrogen plant in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


The Hydrogen Stream: 30 GW power-to-X project in Mauritania, 250 MW of wind for power-to-X in Denmark

The government of Mauritania and renewable energy developer CWP Global have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a 30 GW power-to-X project. Danish power company Ørsted, and Copenhagen’s utility, Hofor, entered into an agreement that will secure green power in the framework of the wider, 1.3 GW, Green Fuels for Denmark project.

The Hydrogen Stream: Germany keeps the lead, flurry of movements from France

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and the German Federal Ministry of Transport selected 62 large-scale hydrogen projects to receive €8 billion in government funding. Furthermore, 11 projects have been selected in the framework of H2 Hub Airport, a call for expressions of interest to contribute to the surge of the hydrogen airport ecosystem in France. French energy company Total acquired a 20% stake in Hysetco, a French company developing hydrogen mobility in cities.


Getting Australia’s hydrogen economy right

Australia’s hydrogen hype is raising questions about how to design the “future fuel” sector so it doesn’t become a fossil fuel lifeline. Nicky Ison, WWF Australia’s energy transition manager, lists ways to ensure that Australia’s hydrogen economy is cleanly built.

Australian study labels green hydrogen cost projections as ‘too conservative’

A new study commissioned by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation has indicated renewable hydrogen is already approaching cost competitiveness with that produced using fossil fuels but some in the industry say the government-owned green bank’s figures are much too conservative.


The Hydrogen Stream: €50m electrolyzer in Spain, 19 refueling stations in Denmark and a hydrogen truck from Korea

Spanish energy company Iberdrola and American power generation products producer Cummins have signed an agreement to promote a green hydrogen value chain in Spain by 2023. Denmark-based green hydrogen infrastructure company Everfuel has launched its H2 station roll-out plan for Denmark, targeting up to 19 fueling sites by the end of 2023. South Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai Motor has said it would begin production of the world’s first mass-produced, heavy-duty truck powered by hydrogen, in August this year.


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