Bifacial PV and tracking: The simulation and optimization of yield gain

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Discussion participants

Andrea Viaro, Head of Technical Service Europe, JinkoSolar
Jonathan Melendez , Sales Manager USA, Soltec


Michael Fuhs, Head of Editorial, pv magazine
Becky Beetz, Head of Content, pv magazine

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Presentation of Andrea Viaro
Presentation of Jonathan Melendez

Webinar Details

In this upcoming pv magazine webinar, JinkoSolar will present the case for using bifacial modules in large-scale solar plants, and discuss the influencing factors and their impact on bifacial PV tracking.

The global PV industry is currently in the midst of a bifacial boom. Bifacial modules enable the absorption of sunlight on the backside, thus creating potential for significant additional power production and lower overall levelized costs of energy (LCOEs), compared to standard mono-facial modules.

Indeed, with the additional rear side energy gain, bifacial modules present promising, and versatile, application possibilities in a number of fields, from building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), to utility-scale power plants.

Arguably, two of today’s most promising technology trends are bifacial PV modules, like JinkoSolar’s Eagle Bifacial N-type series, which offer strong resistance to both light induced degradation (LID) and potential induced degradation (PID); and software enhancing technologies, such as Soltec trackers, which exhibit the potential to increase PV energy yields, compared to standard module tracking under identical conditions.

We will discuss optimization techniques in application alternatives with Andrea Viaro, Head of Technical Service Europe, JinkoSolar. He will, together with a guest from the tracking company, Soltec, present simulation results in terms of yield gain expectations.


  • Features and benefits of bifacial modules
  • A guide to possible bifacial applications
  • The impact of bifacial modules on a project’s LCOE: Calculation of the yield benefit for different environmental conditions and installation types
  • Field trial results: A case study on row-to-row tracking in Livermore, California
  • Pairing bifacial modules with solar trackers

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window. We look forward to your participation!

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