Almost 9 GW of projects submitted for licensing in Turkey

17. June 2013 | Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends, Top News | By:  Hans-Christoph Neidlein/Edgar Meza

The first licensing round for PV projects larger than 1 MW in Turkey has been exceeded by almost 15 times. Nearly 500 applications with a total 8.9 GW were handed in between June 10 and 14.

Izmir, Turkey

Turkey has received nearly 500 applications with a total 8.9 GW in its first licensing round, which is capped at 600 MW.

So far, 496 applications with close to 8.9 GW have been submitted to the Turkish Energy Regulatory Authority (EPDK), according to information provided to pv magazine by Enerparc, which itself is in the bidding for 10 projects it plans to develop with Turkish partners. The cap for the first licensing round, which ended Friday, is 600 MW.

The most recent numbers are nearly three times higher than the initial figures reported by pv magazine on Friday.

While Turkey has attracted a great deal of attention from the international PV industry, most of the investors that submitted applications are Turkish, according Ertug Babatas, business developer at Germany’s Enerparc AG.

A few foreign investors with offices in Turkey have also submitted applications but they are estimated to be less than 5% of the total applicants.

Many project development companies have made financing deals with major investors, such as banks and other financing institutions, even before the application process has run its course, according to Babatas.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS) is expected to soon publish the list of grid connection points and capacity of all the projects on its website and announce the date, place and time for the tender. The tender will begin a minimum of 30 days after TEIAS publishes the list, Babatas told pv magazine, citing a draft of Turkey's tender regulations.

EPDK defines larger projects as larger than 1 MW. It remains unclear whether the regulator will grant licenses to the lowest-cost bidder in a reverse auction or whether it will involve a fixed FIT agreement with the off taking utility.

Turkey’s standard FIT is US$0.133/kWh, with a local content premium being paid additionally.


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