ReneSola hits 100 MW Greek supply milestone

20. February 2013 | Markets & Trends, Global PV markets | By:  Jonathan Gifford

Chinese photovoltaic manufacturer ReneSola announced today that it has hit the milestone of 100 MW of modules shipped to the Greek market. The company partially attributes the achievement to its partnership with Greek distributor Big Solar.

A man in a factory inspecting a solar module. He is from China.

ReneSola looks set to enter the Turkish market with Big Solar.

While the Greek photovoltaic market has certainly had its ups and downs, the falling cost of photovoltaic components and modules, and Greece’s plentiful sunshine has meant that the number of installations has grown steadily in recent years. This has been demonstrated today by ReneSola’s announcement that it has shipped 100 MW to the country since November 2011.

The modules the Chinese supplier has shipped to Greece have been employed in a range of installations, including both ground and roof mounted systems. ReneSola highlighted five installations in the country, together worth 8.65 MW, as being particularly significant. This includes a 1.95 MW rooftop project near Athens, which is the biggest of its type in the country. Big Solar supplied all five projects.

Big Solar has been ReneSola’s exclusive distributor to Greece and Cyprus since July 2012. In a sign that the company is looking towards new markets, it will exhibit ReneSola modules at the Solarex Solar and PV Technologies Exhibition in Istanbul in April of this year.

In a statement announcing the milestone, ReneSola CEO Xianshou Li said that Big Solar will take the company’s modules into regional markets. "Greece, as a key solar market, has always been an important focus of our international marketing efforts and we are proud to have reached this milestone with the help of our local partner, Big Solar."

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