SEPA predicts big changes for utilities


The report says that traditionally, solar electric markets have been “distributed, consumer-focused, and solar industry driven” but that 2009 marked the beginning of change in market dynamics.

Meanwhile, Pacific Gas & Electric Company of California (PG&E) topped SEPAs list of utilities with the most solar megawatts (MW) – 85.2 – added to the grid for the second time. However, SEPA says that it was the new additions to the list and overall growth in solar integration by utilities that defined 2009.

The Top Ten utilities’ solar megawatts added to the grid grew from 169 MW in 2008 to 279 in 2009; a growth of 66 percent in a year when electricity demand as a whole declined due to an economic downturn.

SEPA executive director Julia Hamm commented: “Now is a great time to take another look at solar electric power.”