Hawaii: CPV terrestrial power investigation underway


As part of the solar generation project, the Schafer Corporation will build, deploy and test a small array of CPV modules to evaluate performance in a low-latitude island environment while measuring their potential for offsetting the power consumption of the Maui High Performance Computing Center, located in Hawaii.

The Air Force Research Laboratory contract, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, is focused on the expansion of CPV technology for terrestrial power generation developed in Air Force Space Research and Development programs. The 100kW-class demonstration site is planned to be located in or near the Maui Research and Technology Park.

In conjunction with the project, Rising Sun LLC will install the CPV-arrays, built by EMCORE Corporation of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Dowling Company and Munekiyo & Hiraga Inc. will provide guidance on land-use, site definition and development and permitting.

“This initiative provides a basis for a grounded, research-based expansion of solar energy alternatives in Hawaii and other high solar-insolation island areas," said Thomas Glesne, program manager of Schafer’s Pacific Operation. “The project will also increase understanding of the processes involved in the integration of innovative solar and alternative power generation capabilities into the grid.”

Rich Glover, division general manager for Space and Directed Energy added: “Working in conjunction with AFRL, the University of Hawaii and the Maui High Performance Computing Center, there is potential for further applied research projects that utilize and cultivate multiple alternative energy sources to benefit Maui and the State of Hawaii, We look forward to working with our partners and other local, experienced talent in establishing solar facilities and exploring other opportunities for future Hawaii and Pacific-based users.”