CNPV gains MCS certification for British solar market


Issued by UK test authority, the British Standards Institute (BSI), the certification attests that CNPV’s modules meet or exceed relevant standards for sales in the UK. The MCS approval process includes a factory inspection, to ensure all production processes conform or exceed safety and reliability standards, as well as thorough product performance evaluation.

The net result is the ability to present the CNPV modules, complete with the Kitemark and recently introduced MCS mark.

CNPV will introduce the British market to three module sizes from its product portfolio.

B. Veerraju Chaudary, CNPV’s COO and CTO commented: "CNPV is the first in its field to develop and attain MCS certification for the entire range from 10Wp to 300Wp. This is a tremendous achievement for CNPV, and once again allows us to satisfy the tough requirements that our customers demand. The development is part of CNPV’s extensive research and development program, dedicated to continuously improving module efficiency. Matching a competitive price structure with proven highest output modules is the way the solar industry will achieve grid parity."