Taiwan set to be world’s largest semiconductor market this year


In a statement, it said: “The materials market, driven by rising production capacity around the world, is expected to show healthy growth in this area as well as it reaches USD$8.8 billion in 2011, with Taiwan continuing as the second largest semiconductor materials market in the world. It is clear that Taiwan is the world’s most important semiconductor manufacturing center.” This is good news then, for Taiwanese semiconductor companies operating in the PV sector, like the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and AUO Solar.

The news comes as over 30 industry leaders prepare to present the latest business and technology trends at SEMICON Taiwan, scheduled to be held from September 8 – 10 in the Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan.

The program is set to include a semiconductor market briefing, where analysts from UBS, Morgan Stanley, Gartner, Yole Développement and SEMI will share their observations on the semiconductor, foundry and DRAM markets, as well as an executive forum, which will see professionals from TSMC, MXIC, TEL, IMEC, Ebara and Dow Electronic Materials addressing topics focusing on technology advancement through innovative collaboration, including market research, the challenges of memory manufacturing and future technical trends, and new materials applications in semiconductor manufacturing.