China: centrotherm commissioned for further “major” polysilicon production facility


The company added that its photovoltaics specialists from Blaubeuren in Germany designed the “high-performance” manufacturing facility, with an upgrade option, for the Guodian Ningxia Solar Co. subsidiary of state operation China Guodian Corporation in China.

centrotherm SiTec was responsible for the entire factory planning, and supplied the basic engineering, process know-how, and reactors and converters that are required for silicon manufacturing.

??"This very ambitious and demanding project is distinguished particularly by the fact that the factory must satisfy two different product quality requirements – not only the high quality grade for solar cells, but also the even higher quality standard for the microelectronics,” comments Dr. Albrecht Mozer, managing director of centrotherm SiTec.

"In addition, the FSO deadline was reached at an express rate within two and a quarter years, significantly faster than comparable projects in the industry."??

Around six weeks ago, the company reported on the largest FSO (First Silicon Out) in its company’s history at Taiwan PolySilicon Corp. (TPSI), with an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons, and an upgrade option to 8,000 tons.