CTDC and Goldpoly enter into supply agreement


The deal was announced following the signing of a Strategic Cooperation, under which the companies also agreed to jointly build up the vertically integrated PV value chain.

According to CTDC, Goldpoly agreed to provide the cells at the lowest price in the market, while CTDC agreed to preferentially purchase the solar cells from Goldpoly, as its major supplier. It is not clear, however, how the deal is to last.

The companies have also said they will jointly develop the vertically integrated PV industry chain. CTDC has said it is developing the down-stream chain of the industry, including PV modules manufacturing and PV application solutions, while Goldpoly is focusing on PV cells production to integrate the industrial mid-stream chain.

Mr. Alan Li, chairman and CEO of CTDC commented: "The cooperation enables us to obtain stable and sufficient supply of polycrystalline solar cells and to reduce our production cost of PV modules, which will in turn increase our profit margin. Looking forward, we are confident to cooperate with Goldpoly successfully to build up the vertically integrated PV chain."