Neoen awarded 58 MW of PV projects in Portuguese solar auction


As such, the company can install 58 megawatts (MW) of PV in the country.

According to Portuguese news agency LUSA, the government earned a total of €86.53 million from the auction. Neoen made a total offer of over €42 million, reports the Portuguese daily, Diario Economico.

Portugal-based Sol Cativante also did well, having received 17 projects, which will enable the firm to develop 34 MW: each project corresponds to two MW. The company paid the State over €36 million, or between €1.15 million and €2.27 million per project.

Other companies involved in the auction included HyperSolar and Donauer Solar Systems, which will develop two projects each, while DST and the Ecopremener and Promenerland consortium will develop one.

Also this month, Neoen announced the launch of the construction of the largest PV project in metropolitan France – a 3.3 MW system, which includes the installation of a PV production centre at a city parking lot, located over 105 solar canopies. This will reportedly enable the protection of the vehicles and, at the same time, generate three gigawatt hours of electricity per year, the equivalent to annual consumption for 2,500 people. The project is to be fully financed by Neoen, at a total investment of €12 million.