Conergy completes first North American PV installation


The Hamburg-based system manufacturer installed 1,455 of its photovoltaic modules on the roof of Fujifilm’s Oahu office. The system is expected to generate 483,391 kilowatt hours of solar energy. It is said to be one of the ten largest photovoltaic systems on the Hawaiian island.

Conergy says that it and local partner 21st Century are now planning more photovoltaic projects together. Myron Thomson, CEO at 21st Century stated: "The Fujifilm project is just the beginning – together with Conergy, we are already looking forward to making the island even greener in the future."

Hawaii is said to be one of the most attractive solar locations worldwide due to its, on average, six hours of sunshine per day and irradiation of around 800 watts per square meter.

"Hawaii is already a solar champion and will expand further in this area," said Carl Campagna, Conergy account manager on Hawaii. "By 2030, Hawaii wants to cover 70 percent of the island’s energy requirements with renewable energy sources. Due to harsh weather conditions, quality and durability also play a major role on the island."