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The new performance class has all the advantages of the successful Fronius IG Plus product family according to the company. The Fronius IG Plus family is available in the following power levels: 3.5, 4, 6.5, 8, 10 and 12 kilowatts. The Fronius IG TL 4.6, also offered by the company, combines all the advantages of a transformerless inverter concept with the high innovation and quality demands of Fronius.

System monitoring with the Status Manager comes standard with the Fronius IG TL. This includes string malfunction detection, detailed status codes and a direct signaling contact. The Status Manager immediately reports any problems throughout the entire system thus locking in system yields for the long-term.

It also has a unique feature in which a commercially available USB stick can be used for easy system monitoring as well as simple inverter updating. Fronius is expanding its transformerless inverter series with the Fronius IGTL4.6 because of the German Low-Voltage Directive, which is expected to take effect sometime in the year 2011.