PR regulators warns lobbyists behind Non Toxic Solar Alliance


The warning is the latest in an ongoing and completely unofficial battle between mono and polysilicon photovoltaic module producers and thin film manufacturers that use cadmium in their products. The claim underpinning the dispute is about cadmium’s toxicity and therefore unsuitability for photovoltaic applications.

The dispute has included intense lobbying and culminated in an unsuccessful attempt to change a European Union regulatory exemption, which allowed cadmium to be used in the photovoltaic industry. The change to the exemption never occurred with the European Parliament resoundingly supporting the status quo in November 2010.

The latest development in what may appear to be a solar "mud slinging" contest, is the involvement of the DRPR, which has issued a warning to the NTSA and the Bohnen Kallmorgen & Partner (BKP) public relations agency. The warning stems from an adjudged lack of transparency and an implied deception of the public.

The DRPR observed that BKP was the undisclosed "sole initiator" of the NTSA. The NTSA had previously, "presented itself as a non-profit initiative of industry, science and committed citizens," wrote the public relations regulatory body in a statement publicizing the warning.

LobbyControl carried out investigations that have resulted in the warning, itself issued by the council by a majority. BKP/NTSA assisted with DRPR in resolving the case and has since publicized the connection between the bodies on the NTSA homepage.