Madico expands its Performance Analysis Lab: PV Backsheet performance testing


The Performance Analysis Lab at Madico is strategically outfitted to conduct a variety of essential viability tests, including: weatherability, electrical insulation, mechanical properties, and optical and surface characteristic analysis. The most recent additions to the testing lab are: the Constant Climate Chamber used to conduct accelerated aging tests; Permatran-W used to measure the moisture transmission rate; a Vacuum Laminator which provides the ability to produce small modules. Marina Temchenko, R&D manager at Madico, states: “In-house testing abilities allow us to validate Protekt’s performance beyond current standards, while enabling us to produce backsheets that meet the specific needs of our customers.” The expansion to Madico’s testing capabilities reduces their reliance on third party testing facilities, enabling a fast, flexible and lean product development process.

With over a century of manufacturing experience, product validity testing is standard practice at Madico. Dave Avison, the director of the Core Technology Group, states: “a critical-to-quality feature when designing our PV backsheets is to insure that the mechanical properties of the material sets used stay intact during 25+ years of outdoor exposure. The breakdown of the backsheet’s mechanical properties will lead to panel failure, electro-discharge or fire. Testing is essential in order to guarantee our products are the ultimate in quality, performance and safety.”

The expansion of Madico’s Performance Analysis Lab is an invaluable investment for Madico and their customers; the company has future plans to continue to increase their in-house testing abilities.

Madico’s Research and Development group is confident that the expansion of its Performance Analysis Lab will support the continuous development of high performing innovations for the solar industry.