US: Another no-cost solar scheme


In what seems to be a growing trend, another “third party” funded solar scheme will bring no-cost solar to families in the US. While solar lease schemes are growing in popularity and expanding interstate, non-profit solar schemes are becoming more common with the latest being “Solar for All”.

Drawing on a $3.6 million State of California grant, the program will see 15 residential properties get 46 kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic systems. The entire project is worth 700kW and is expected to save participants USD $one million per year and approximately $5.9 million of the 20-year life of the panels.

The systems themselves will be owned jointly by Solar Access California, which is a partnership of MSSS and Main Street Power. Along with state grants, renewable energy rebates and the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) will fund the program.

The benefits of the “Solar for All” scheme therefore flow to tenants, through predictable and reduced monthly expenses; system owners and funders that receive tax incentives; and the environment, through reduced greenhouse emissions.

Representative Joe Baca, leading California’s 43rd District, will speak in support of the scheme at a commencement ceremony.