SunPower releases first sustainability report


SunPower has made the report available online and it sets out areas and goals for the company in terms of sustainability.

These goals include expanding a recycling network, reducing carbon emissions per megawatt (MW) deployed by 2016 by 50 percent, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, reducing water consumption by 5 percent annually per MW deployed and to encouraging the engagement of SunPower employees in the volunteer sector.

“SunPower plans to set the standard for sustainable business growth with products and solutions that minimize natural resource impacts, support healthy and clean-powered communities, and develop the talent needed for one of the fastest growing industries." In a statement announcing the report, CEO Tom Werner continued that SunPower has a unique role to play in, “addressing global social and environmental challenges.”

As a part of SunPower’s sustainability push, the company claims to have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent since 2007, per MW deployed.

SunPower also has a goal to deploy 10 gigawatt (GW) of SunPower solar systems by 2015.

25 MW McHenry solar farm

Earlier in the week SunPower also announced that construction is set to begin on its 25 MW solar farm project in Modesto, California.

The project is set to begin construction before the end of the year and SunPower claims it will create 144 construction jobs and inject $18.7 million into the local economy.

The electricity produced will flow into the Modesto Irrigation District grid, helping it reach California’s 33 percent renewable portfolio standard.

The plant will utilize SunPower’s Oasis Power Plant product, which can be rapidly deployed and minimizes "land use impacts". The power block kits are shipped pre-assembled to the job site to facilitate this.

SunPower’s T0 Tracker, E19 solar panels and wireless Tracker Monitoring and Control System will be used at the McHenry solar farm site.