Solon Energy will not extend warranty for all customers


The company explains that owners of rooftop photovoltaic systems must register with Solon online by the end of this August, if they wish outstanding warranty obligations to be continued free of charge.

However, those systems that have been kitted out with "special" module types, like GSE thin film, or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) modules, are excluded from the provision. "Provisions can be arranged individually for customers with ground-mounted systems. Operators should contact Solon in such cases (," said Solon in the statement.

For customers who purchased their photovoltaic modules and systems from either Solon Corp. (USA) or Solon S.p.A. (Italy), all warranty commitments will reportedly remain in effect.

The statement concluded by saying that Solon would continue to offer its 10 year product warranty and five-stage performance warranty over 25 years to new photovoltaic systems and modules. It will also continue to offer its free solar all-risk insurance for the first two years.