PowerFilm to supply modules for emergency vehilces


Powerfilm worked with Streamlight on the development of the SolarStream product. Streamlight provides lighting equipment for police, emergency service, military and professional applications.

The newly-developed systems include a specially-developed 14-Watt amorphous-silicon module, which will trickle feed into vehicles’ batteries. Emergency service and military vehicles draw heavily on their batteries, running computing and communication systems, lighting and charging stations for equipment like flashlights.

Through the use of the SolarStream, these vehicles will have to idle engines less, as the panel charges batteries. The companies behind the product also claim that drivers and crews can be assured that vehicles will start, "even after sitting inactive for a period of time," reads a statement announcing the product.

In the release, Streamlight President and CEO Ray Sharrah said that quality, durability and realiability were key concerns when assessing a module supplier. "We are excited to bring this innovative frontier to our customer base and to do it with a quality organization like PowerFilm." Sarrah continued: "We feel the future is energized."

PowerFilm already has a number of products that it supplies for military applications. These include, a three-kilowatt PowerShade for remote communications, Foldable Solar Chargers and Rollable Solar Chargers.