Smart micro inverter


The monitoring system is the latest version and will include new features aimed at streamlining the solar PV installation process. The system will give users and installers detailed, real time information to ensure that the solar PV system performs at its optimal level over the life of the installation. The Enecsys Duo microinverter maximizes energy harvest while lowering costs for residential and commercial solar PV systems.

According to the company, solar PV installations with Enecsys Duo microinverters deliver five to 20 pecent more energy over the life of the system. The unit mounts on the railing system and accepts DC input from two individual solar modules. This power is converted into a single, grid-compliant AC output in the unit. The 480 W Duo microinverter has a peak efficiency of 95 percent and EU efficiency of 94 percent. The unit has over 25 years’ service life and is supplied with a 20 year limited warranty.