Uruguay signs PV decree worth US$400 million


According to a recent government statement, the photovoltaic energy generated will be sold to the national utility Administración Nacional de Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas (UTE) under a 25 year power purchase agreement.

The rate has not been officially published yet. However, Bloomberg reported in February that the government has set a rate of $90/MWh. This is "probably the lowest price in the world" and "may not attract developers", said BNEF analyst Jenny Chase in the same report.

UTE will organize a series of tenders to allocate the 200 MW of photovoltaic energy. There will be three categories of projects, which will be classified according to size. The first category will include small installations up to 1 MW, the second, plants of up to 5 MW and third, photovoltaic parks between 30 and 50 MW in size.

It was not revealed how much time developers will have to submit their proposals.