BNRG set to begin construction on 20 MWp solar park in UK


Ireland’s BNRG is set to begin construction on a large-scale, 20 MWp solar park in South East England next month.

Irish utility-scale solar PV developer BNRG Renewables obtained a 25-year planning permission from the Shepway District Council’s Development Control Committee in the South East England county of Kent earlier this year for the 20 MWp solar array, which will be erected in the village of Old Romney.

Britain’s Lightsource Renewable Energy has acquistioned the solar farm project, adding it to its ever increasing portfolio of utility scale solar farms.

BNRG will build the utility-scale project on approximately 120 acres (48.6 hectares) of land at Sycamore Farm and will be equipped with some 82,000 solar panels, each of which has a capacity of 245 W.

Lightsource CEO Nick Boyle said, "We are proud to announce Sycamore Solar Farm as the latest addition to our portfolio and we commend BNRG for demonstrating ‘environmental stewardship’ when designing and planning this project. I want to re-enforce the message that this solar farm, once built, will be a local source of green electricity for 6,600 U.K. households with no noise or pollution."

Boyle added, "This is not about the here and now, it is about our future and our legacy. Solar energy has just made its mark on the nation’s energy mix, and Lightsource is committed to delivering solar power in the U.K. to its fullest potential, responsibly."

BNRG director David Maguire said, "The most sensitive part of developing a large scale solar farm is ensuring open and honest community engagement during the planning application process. Furthermore, this project will be one of the largest solar farms in the UK when it is built."

Tom Brinicombe, BNRG’s program manager, said at the time of approval that the company had "worked proactively to incorporate feedback from stakeholders and local residents into our plans and have had positive feedback on the application as a result, with fewer than 10 letters of objection. We remain committed to ensuring that as well as generating a significant amount of renewable energy, this project will also be well-screened and will increase local biodiversity."

Maguire added that the solar park at Sycamore was one of the largest in the U.K. and the site was deemed near perfect by the BNRG team due to its above average solar resource and minimum landscape visual impact.