Bester Generación connects 26 MW of power in the UK


Spanish company Bester Generación has connected 26 MW of power in the U.K. through PV plants in the counties of Essex and Cornwall.

The plants, which have capacities of 12 MW and 14 MW, precede a further 28 MW plant being built at Rose Cottage, Pembrokeshire.

The Essex and Cornwall projects are spread over 54 hectares and have over 103, 000 fixed modules. The 12 MWp Spriggs Farm is located in Thaxted, Essex, while the 14 MWp facility is located in the Cornwall town of St. Stephen. The plants were built with a total investment of £22.06 million ($36.6 million).

Jorge Fernando Real, senior project manager for pv solar for Bester Generación, said, "We are proud to have implemented 26 MW in such an excellent way thanks to the team’s ability to work under pressure and meet the deadline set by the client".

The Essex, Pembrokeshire, and Cornwall plants are part of the 254 MW that the company plans to implement over 2014 as part of the Quercus Renewable Energy Fund II. That project is set to cost $360 million and will see 21 PV plants installed in central and southern England. In addition Quercus announced in December that it was buying the 27.7 MW plant in Milford Haven, Wales, for nearly $40 million.