Suntech to upgrade entire production to four busbar modules


China’s Wuxi Suntech announced Thursday that it was upgrading its entire solar panel production to its four busbar modules.

The new line will replace the PV manufacturer’s three busbar modules. The four busbar monocrystalline module recently attained the VDE Quality Tested certification, and the four busbar polycrystalline module will attained the VDE QT certification in June, according to the company.

The upgrade from three busbar to four busbar modules, which began in December 2014, will allow for a higher output of power by decreasing current loss by approximately 10% and power dissipation, Suntech said.

“The four busbar module design provides less residual stress on the busbars, reducing the probability of micro-cracks and hotspots, making the modules less susceptible to malfunctions that lead to significant power degradation,” the company added.

Suntech President Xiong Haibo said the group would begin providing the enhanced modules to customers around the world. “Not only is the four busbar module more durable than its predecessor, the module generates more power. Our upgraded panel sustains higher power output at 200 W per square meter compared to conventional modules in weak lighting conditions.”

Suntech added that the four busbar module, which generates at least 1 power class, 5 W more power than its predecessor, was by far a superior module, offering increased efficiency, power generation and output. At peak performance, the monocrystalline modules can produce 275 W and 325 W for 60 cells and 72 cells, respectively, while the polycrystalline modules can produces up to 265 W and 315 W for 60 cells and 72 cells, respectively.

In the coming months, all of Suntech’s three busbar modules will be replaced by what it said was the more cost-competitive four busbar modules in all its markets worldwide.

Other companies that have introduced four busbar module lines include Mitsubishi Electric and REC Solar, which launched its TwinPeak Series in September.