Schmid strikes 400 MW equipment deal with JA Solar


Germany’s Schmid Group has announced today a large supply deal with Chinese Tier 1 solar manufacturer JA Solar.

The sale agreement amounts to approximately 400 MW of manufacturing equipment, including the sale of several machines for texturing and edge isolation. JA Solar has also reportedly placed an order for automation equipment.

The systems will be delivered to JA Solar’s Southeast Asian manufacturing facilities in July, which includes an order for Schmid’s patented edge isolation technology – developed specifically for the production of highly efficient solar cells.

The in-line system developed by Schmid combines the edge isolation with the phosphorus silicate glass removal. During the diffusion process, the emitter layer on the back of the wafer is unilaterally isolated from the front side of the wafer in order to prevent the malfunction of the solar cell.

Last week, JA Solar confirmed that it had agreed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Essel Infraprojects Limited (EIL) to establish a 500 MW solar cell and module manufacturing facility in India.

The Chinese solar producer also recently announced its intention to open a 400 MW PV cell plant in Malaysia, in the city of Penang, to serve the south and south east Asian markets.

For Schmid, this is the second high volume tool order received from an Asian company this year. In February the tool supplier revealed that it had sold eight APCVD units to three renowned solar manufactures in Asia.