Deltro, Greensmith partner on 53 MWh energy storage project in Ontario


Canada’s Deltro Energy Inc. has selected Greensmith Energy’s GEMS software platform to deploy 53 megawatts hours of energy storage throughout Ontario this year.

Greensmith President and CEO John Jung described the Deltro deal as “the first large-scale software-as-a-service agreement in the industry.”

The Ontario system operator, IESO, awarded the contracts through a competitive solicitation process in 2014 as part of its Energy Storage Procurement Phase 1 project. The IESO plans to use energy storage systems to meet its needs for ancillary services.

The principal service provided under these contracts is voltage control and reactive power support, an application that’s becoming increasingly important for Ontario and other regions with significant amounts of intermittent wind and solar power now on the high voltage transmission networks, according to Greensmith Energy, a leading provider of energy storage software and integration services.

Deltro Energy President David Del Mastro said the company selected Greensmith “not only because they provided the most advanced software technology, but we were looking to partner with a trusted advisor to deploy energy storage in Canada and around the world.”

Del Mastro added that Deltro’s partnership with Greensmith Energy, which has offices in Virginia and California, would enable it to fulfill its mission of providing advanced renewable generation and energy storage to its growing base of customers.

As part of the 53 MWh project slated to fully deploy in 2016, Greensmith will supply its GEMS5 software technology, an industry-leading platform used to deliver six grid-scale systems in 2015 on both sides of the meter. Leclanché will provide the entire battery storage systems for all the contracted facilities to be built near Toronto.

Leclanché will team with Deltro Energy, which will procure, design and construct the site facilities balance of plant scope and high voltage connections to the grid.

Jung said, “The energy storage space is beginning to embrace the importance of advanced software and integration, that the difference between success and failure is oftentimes not just about battery selection or any single component.”

The Greensmith CEO pointed out that to be effective and deliver lasting ROI, “energy storage is best designed and delivered as system-of-systems technology, integrated and managed throughout life.”

He added that a growing number of customers were choosing GEMS to “achieve superior results as well as a speed-to-market advantage."