LichtBlick expands distributed energy optimization globally


LichtBlick SE, Germany’s largest green energy retailer, is expanding its international activities in the area of distributed energy management.

The Hamburg-based energy company, which boasts more than a million customers, has developed the SchwarmDirigent IT platform to better manage and optimize the increasing use of distributed energy resources. SchwarmDirigent enables customers to connect, analyze and optimize all sizes and types of distributed energy resources flexibly and according to individual needs. The application allows everything from peak shifting and shaving and energy market integration to grid balancing and microgrid management.

Global activities

In addition to its increasingly significant position in distributed energy resource optimization in Germany, LichtBlick is also expanding its international activities with a range of projects around the globe. In Vietnam, the company’s IT platform is being used as part of an island solution to ensure a reliable and self-sufficient energy supply by using wind and solar energy as well as battery storage to replace diesel generators. In Manila, Philippines, the IT platform is employed to manage solar PV systems and storage to provide self-sufficient supply in residential areas.The company is also expanding activities to other European Union countries, the United States and Oceania.

"We are experiencing a radical change of the global energy system,” said LichtBlick CEO Heiko von Tschischwitz. “Energy is becoming distributed and digital. Many countries follow these trends, sometimes even faster and in a less bureaucratic manner than Germany. This is the market opportunity we are seizing.”

Von Tschischwitz said LichtBlick’s SchwarmDirigent offered “the most flexible, comprehensive and innovative IT platform solution to integrate distributed energy resources into energy markets. What we have proven in Germany also works in other markets. We offer a reliable cloud-based solution which can easily be adapted to the needs of our global customers."

An Airbnb or Uber for electricity

LichtBlick’s global customers include utilities, grid operators and energy service companies. The company will next focus on private households that will be able to market their energy via its IT platform. Von Tschischwitz describes the opportunity as being “in line with Airbnb or Uber for electricity. Today, we are already preparing for this.” He adds that in the future, households will be able to share energy directly via a peer-to-peer platform.