SolarPower Europe leads cross-sector clarion call for more flexible power markets in EU


SolarPower Europe is among a host of European industry associations pressuring the European Union (EU) to back electricity market reforms that can deliver more flexible power markets to Europe.

Joined by the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC), the European Paper and Pulp Association (CEPI), the EU Storage Association (EASE), engine manufacturers (EUGINE), gas industry (Gas Naturally) and standardization experts, SolarPower Europe heads the list of signatories calling thre three key reforms to Europe’s electricity market.

Number one on the declaration sent to the EU is the call for a provision of adequate price signals and further integration of short-markets across borders. Secondly, the signatories call for a balanced approach to system adequacy that "fully takes into account the contribution from the different energy sources", and thirdly, a level-playing field is called for to allow all flexibility providers to "foster the pan-European trading of electricity and grid support services".

SolarPower Europe president Oliver Schäfer said that any energy system with high shares of renewable energy, such as the EU’s patchwork of markets, will be more cost-efficient due to its reliance on cheap power sources. However, he adds, "it also requires flexibility providers to be properly remunerated", and to make the best use of innovative and distributed supply and demand options.

The CEO of the European Wind Energy Association, Giles Dickson, said: "The energy system is now more complex to plan, control and balance. It needs enhanced flexibility, which requires significant changes in the relevant legislation. The EU Commission has a golden opportunity with the market design proposals they will issue at the end of the year. They must seize it."

Earlier this week SolarPower Europe also issued a call for the introduction of regulatory adjustments that could help the EU unlock its solar+storage potential.