Meteocontrol, Phoenix Solar partner in Jordan, Turkey


Leading German PV system monitoring solutions provider Meteocontrol has formed a pact with fellow German group Phoenix Solar AG to provide monitoring services for new solar PV plants in development in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey region.

Meteocontrol, a subsidiary of China’s Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited (SFCE), will provide advanced monitoring and control systems for a number of PV power plants Phoenix Solar is currently developing in the region.

"With Meteocontrol, we have gained a skilled partner who can help us with our projects in the MENAT region," said Klaus Friedl, Phoenix Solar’s director for the Middle East region. "We are looking forward to jointly tapping the huge potential of this rapidly growing solar market and to further strengthening our position."

Meteocontrol Managing Director Martin Schneider added that the partnership with Phoenix Solar enhanced the company’s growth strategy in the region. “By integrating our advanced monitoring technology into their PV systems, we will be able to maximize the power output and minimize the operating costs of PV plants and help to deliver cost-effective solar energy in the MENAT region."

Meteocontrol and Phoenix Solar are currently partnering on two projects, one in Jordan and another in Turkey.

Meteocontrol will supply the remote monitoring system for the VCOM virtual control room and a local SCADA system for on-site monitoring of an 11 MW solar power plant that Phoenix Solar is developing in Jordan, which is expected to be the largest private solar plant in the country.

Designed to meet all the electricity needs of the Marriott and Sheraton hotel chains in Jordan, the power plant will consist of three individual systems and serve as a pilot project for similar power plants in Jordan and other MENAT countries. The systems are being installed in the Muwaqqar and Damikhi, Qatrana, regions and will be connected to the grids operated by the Jordan Electric Power Company and the Electric Distribution Company.

Meteocontrol will also provide its Blue’Log Station X-Series system to monitor and control a 6.9 MW power plant that Phoenix Solar is developing near Kayseri in Turkey.