Alight enters joint agreement with RES to develop solar energy in Sweden


RES, the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, has announced a collaboration with Alight, a leading solar PPA provider, to develop and deliver new solar projects in Sweden. Together RES and Alight aim to accelerate the energy transition through multiple solar projects in the middle and southern parts of Sweden.

By sharing knowledge and experience, RES and Alight will improve the development process for solar projects in Sweden. RES has a long track record of developing, constructing and operating renewable projects in the Nordics as well as globally. Having developed over 2,5 GW of solar globally, RES has now partnered up with Alight, who has vast expertise of both onsite and offsite solar assets, to expand development in the Nordics.

The partnership aims to result in a total of 200-300 MW large scale solar projects within the coming years.

Harald Överholm, CEO at Alight, commented: “By teaming up with RES, we boost our future projects with a highly qualified partner to support us with site development in Sweden. This way we can develop and build out more clean energy at a higher pace, which is critical to amplify the energy transition and to reach the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting the temperature increase to 1,5 degrees Celsius”.

Matilda Afzelius, CEO – RES, said: “We are happy and proud to announce this new collaboration. Partnerships such as these are important for the future and ensures a more efficient and lasting transition to renewables. With our collective knowledge and experience, and through collaboration, we can enable a future where everyone has access to affordable zero carbon energy.

Johan Roger, Project Manager – RES, added: “By developing more solar projects on the Swedish market we are contributing to the growth of the market as well as a larger diversity in renewable energy sources. As demand for green energy grows we need to ensure a mix of complementary sources to meet that demand. This collaboration is a positive and important move in the right direction.”