Cleantech Solar signs a long-term solar partnership with Bell Textron in Singapore to develop a 1.8 MW on-site rooftop solar PV system


The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of aviation pioneer Textron Inc., an American conglomerate engaged in manufacturing of aircraft, defence and industrial products. Cleantech Solar will provide full turnkey financing, designing, installation, maintenance and operation of the PV system under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Along with a PV system, Cleantech Solar will also add a carport charging station to help Bell Textron’s transitions towards use of EV cars.

This partnership between Cleantech Solar and Bell Textron is expected to generate close to 40 GWh of clean energy during the system’s lifetime, which will amount to a reduction of over 16 kilotonnes of CO2 emissions. The solar PV system will replace a portion of their electricity consumption with clean energy generated on their rooftop, thereby contributing to Bell Textron’s sustainability journey towards Singapore Green Plan 2030, strengthening Singapore’s commitments under the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Paris Agreement.

Mr. Mark Loh, General Manager at Bell Asia, said: “At Bell, reducing the amount of energy we use at our facilities forms a key part of our sustainable future and ambitions. Today’s agreement with Cleantech Solar allows Bell Asia to contribute positively to Bell and Textron’s sustainability goals and to the Singapore government’s Green Plan 2030.”

Mr. Raju Shukla, Founder and CEO of Cleantech Solar, said: “We are delighted to partner with aviation industry leader Bell Textron, powering their operations in Singapore with our top-quality solar solution. This solar PV system will add to the company’s remarkable sustainability initiatives, along with providing cost savings on electricity and ensuring stability of power supply. Cleantech Solar takes pride in being the partner of choice for some of the world’s top corporates like Bell Textron, making manufacturing more sustainable – one roof at a time.”