Formula E s.r.l. received Final Acceptance Certificate from Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology Co. Ltd


Jolywood is the world leader in the development and production of N-type high-efficiency mono-crystalline bifacial solar cells and modules. The company currently has 2.1GW solar cell capacity.

The FELIX High Performance Printing & Testing Line is designed and optimized to ensure best in class performance in demanding 24/7 production. The fully featured dual lane print line with line loader, printer, dryers and handling stations and embedded AOI for print inspection is based on a linear motor technology with absolute encoders in close loop control to grant high throughput, high accuracy, high repeatability and high stability.

“We are very pleased with the performance of the Formula E metallization line. It enables us to drive our future cell designs beyond the limits,” said Mr. Lin, President of Jolywood. “Our new process developments are demanding innovative production systems and solutions for highest efficiency and highest yield at significant lower cost.”

Mr. Spotti, President of Formula E, said: “With our unique process control we are enabling a very high print accuracy of 8µm@3σ enabling ultra-fine line Double Printing. We are especially appreciated that Jolywood as world-wide leader in N-type bifacial has chosen our solution.”

Through effective collaboration between Jolywood and Formula E the Final Acceptance was achieved with all guarantees passed. The line is in production at Jolywood, delivering high output and yield for next generation solar cells. The Formula E metallization line enables highest cell efficiencies and highest yield at significant cost savings.