Forum ITALIA SOLARE 2020: Current policy instruments and future challenges for a decarbonised energy system


The year 2020 has been marked by a pandemic that has highlighted the fragility of humans and the ecosystem in which we live. These issues have already been discussed extensively in recent years, but they are now becoming extremely urgent. The fifth edition of the ITALIA SOLARE 2020 Forum will discuss how our solar energy sector can play an important role in responding to this scenario: the climate crisis and the energy transition are two closely related themes that require rapid and concrete action.

During the event ITALIA SOLARE will present its proposals to address the actions related to the future challenges, while experts will focus on the need to put an end to the use of fossil fuels, the introduction of a carbon pricing system and how the energy transition will play out successfully through the evolution of the electricity system and the role of storage systems, but also through the spread of agro-photovoltaics and, in the not too distant future, the use of green hydrogen.

In the morning plenary session four sessions are scheduled:

  • Why put a price on greenhouse gas emissions?, with the participation of Vice Minister Antonio Misiani of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  • How to adapt the electrical system to distributed generation and the role of storage, with the participation of Maurizio Delfanti,CEO RSE
  • Agro-photovoltaic economics, with the participation of Roberta Papili, Head of Climate and Energy Confagricoltura (Agricultural Confederation)
  • Green Hydrogen: what strategy for development and what role in the electrical system, with the participation ofAd van Wijk,Sustainable energy entrepreneur and part-time Professor Future Energy Systems at TU Delft


The afternoon session of the event opens with the speeches of Senator Gianni Girotto, Chairman of the 10th Permanent Commission (Production Activities, Trade and Industry), Senator Paolo Arrigoni, Member of the 13th Permanent Commission (Territory, Environment, Environmental Heritage) and Salvatore Tomaselli, Energy Representative of the Democratic Party.

Three parallel, in-depth sessions (only in Italian language) will be held in the afternoon on fundamental technical issues for the development of photovoltaics in Italy: credit transfer and Superbonus, DM FER1 and Energy Communities and utility scale systems.

In closing, the GSE will answer the operators' questions. Ottavio Retico and Federico Mandolini from GSE will explain the operators' doubts about FER1, revamping and repowering.

Updated programme at the following link.