FuGen and EnergiEngagemang cooperate to build 500MW solar parks in Sweden


Interest in large-scale solar energy in Sweden has increased markedly. As the price of solar panels has fallen at the same time as the price of electricity has risen to new records, Sweden now see the real potential in solar energy.

Establishes larger parks

FuGen has long had its eyes open for the opportunities that exist in Sweden to be able to establish larger solar parks. The company's founders Yaron Feingers and Lorenzo Lanteri have extensive experience in the solar energy industry from having previously built up a portfolio of photovoltaic plants in Italy.

– We strongly believe in the potential for solar power in Sweden, both in connection with wind farms and as our own facilities, it will be an important complement to wind power in our portfolio,” they both say.

FuGen already has two wind farms in Sweden that are in operation, Axelsvik 5 megawatts and Fjällboheden 42 megawatts, as well as one under construction, Tormoseröd 73 megawatts and they aim to build a portfolio consisting of facilities for wind, solar and energy storage,


The contractor for the upcoming solar parks will be EnergiEngagemang, which, among other things, has built the first larger solar park of 14 MW in Strängnäs, Sweden and which has three more large parks planned for 2022.

Large-scale solar energy will be an important part of the Swedish energy system in the future. The Swedish Energy Agency recently presented a report in which solar power produced 1.1 terawatt hours in 2021, which corresponds to a share of the total energy production of about 1 percent. A figure that many believe will increase tenfold in the next few years.

-It's just a matter of looking at how much solar energy the rest of Europe has in their systems to understand that we will soon be there. Solar energy is the only type of power that can be expanded quickly and at a very attractive price, says Johan Skördare, CEO of EnergiEngagemang.

The two companies are now producing a list of upcoming solar park projects that they hope to be able to present before the summer.