Hopewind Achieves High Score in Sustainability Audit, Demonstrating Commitment to Sustainable Development and Employee Well-being


Conducted by TÜV SÜD, a renowned monitoring partner, it evaluated various aspects of the company's social and environmental performance, reaffirming Hopewind's dedication to sustainable practices and employee welfare.

“We are thrilled to receive such a high rating in the sustainability audit,” said Sara Wang, vice president at Hopewind. “It reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainable development, ethical business practices, and the well-being of our employees.”

The audit report highlighted several commendable practices at Hopewind that contribute to its exceptional rating.

Devoted to creating an inclusive work environment, Hopewind has set up its anti-discrimination policy that guarantees all of its employments shall be viewed equally regardless of one’s race, social class, nationality, age, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation. The company also strongly advocates women empowerment, supporting female employees through professional development programming, and encouraging their engagement in every different sector of its business. In terms of Code of Conduct&Ethics for Employment, it also upholds a zero-tolerance policy towards child labor, bonded labor, and precarious employment and sets up a whistle-blower mechanism , defending the basic human rights of every of its employees.

Furthermore, Hopewind prioritizes the health and safety of its workforce. The company maintains strict occupational health and safety standards, ensuring a safe working environment for all employees. Regular manufacturing safety training is conducted in order to ensure their well-being during production. Other than that, a comprehensive set of safety gears is also equipped, and mandatory to use in light of any hazardous situations.

Hopewind also sees environmental stewardship of great values . The company implements various measures to protect the environment, reducing its ecological footprint. Through responsible manufacturing processes and adherence to ethical business behavior, Hopewind minimizes the impact of its production to the environment.

“We believe a sound business is inseparable with sustainable practices. By establishing mandatory polices and enforcing these acts, we have built a more sustainable business environment,” commented Sara Wang. “In the future, we will continue to improve all these different aspects, and set Hopewind as a leading model in terms of sustainable development in the global renewable energy industry,” she concluded.