JinkoSolar‘s second factory in China powered by 100% renewable energy


Production of the electricity powering Chuxiong cell factory comes from a range of sources, including local hydro plants, offsite solar plants as well as planned on-site solar PV arrays installed on the facility’s vast roofs.

Chuxiong factory plans to become even more sustainable and will go beyond the 100% use of renewable energy. Maximizing energy efficiency is another step in reducing our energy use. Chuxiong has implemented several unique energy saving measures. Building energy management systems helps us understand and reduce our use of energy. For example, the energy monitoring system used in the factory tracks real-time energy use. Replacing or upgrading equipment with more efficient alternatives, including HVAC units and lighting systems.

Looking into the future, a carbon footprint measurement system will be designed to quantify the carbon footprint from its operations and supply chain. In other words, the carbon footprint it makes in terms of materials and energy, how much it produces and delivers in terms of product, etc. would be measured and evaluated to make the overall operation more sustainable.