Meyer Burger awarded contract from Chinese customer for its newest generation wafer inspection system


A leading PV manufacturer from China has ordered a total of 20 tools developed by Meyer Burger’s subsidiary, Hennecke Systems GmbH, to ensure reliable quality control of solar wafers. Delivery of the equipment will start this year.

Leading technology for quality control of solar wafers

With the WIS-08, presented for the first time at the international SNEC exhibition in Shanghai in June 2018, Meyer Burger again reinforced its technological and market leadership in the quality control of solar wafers. Today, around 80 percent of all solar wafers worldwide are inspected by Hennecke systems. Optimized uptime, highest throughput and improved test quality set a new benchmark for performance and productivity. The WIS-08 examines micro-cracks, inclusions, saw marks, defective edges, thickness variation and other parameters of the silicon wafers for the photovoltaic industry with exacting precision and sorts them into quality classes. Transflection technology is also a standard feature in the WIS-08 and the InGaAs cameras can detect even the smallest μ-cracks.

The next generation WIS-08 is compatible with diamond wire and slurry cut wafers and can be quickly and easily adjusted to all wafer formats and sizes. In addition to the stability and quality of the tests and low breakage rate, the system delivers the highest throughput on the market at 8,000 wafers per hour or 0.41 seconds per wafer. By combining test reliability, quality and speed with customer-specific upgrades, the modular WIS-08 is setting the market standard as a stable, profitable solution for the quality control of solar wafers.