Power Electronics intensifies expansion in Latin America with 42MVA in Argentina


Power Electronics has recently signed a contract with 360 Energy S.A. to supply 42MVA from the inverter series HEC V1500 in the region of La Rioja, Argentina. With this installation, Power Electronics is now approaching the 2GW mark with its new generation of 1500 Volts inverters, that differs from its competitors by offering a modular power stage and a redundant control system that, combined with other features such as 3 level topology, make it a unique product that is able to work at 50 ° C without reducing power in the most demanding conditions.

This contract also means that the company enters a new market, thus expanding its coverage throughout Latin America. To date, the company has equipment installed or in the process of supplying in Bolivia (84MVA), Mexico (608 MVA), Uruguay (21MVA), Chile (210MVA), Brazil (62MVA), Panama and Barbados (10MVA).

Power Electronics began, more than 10 years ago, an internationalization process in Latin American countries with the opening of its first subsidiary in Chile. They were followed by the delegations of Brazil and Mexico, where at the beginning of the year the fourth office was opened in Bogota and the last one to join was Peru. Power Electronics continues its expansion by opening subsidiaries around the world and serving emerging markets according to the Power on Support philosophy.