Pre-launch Milestone: Production Equipment Arrived at Hanersun Anhui PVESS Manufacturing Base


Since breaking ground in August 2023 with the support of the local government, the facility has been progressing rapidly and is on schedule to become operational in July. Two phases the facility is designed in, with 2GW for solar cell production capacity, 5GW for PV modules, and a 1GWh battery packing line. This triple-track production approach not only boosts the company’s capacity but also reinforces Hanersun's leadership in the industry and its ability to meet global demand. Moreover, the facility is expected to set a new benchmark for green manufacturing in Jing County, even in Anhui, enhancing the area’s renewable energy industry.

In the next few weeks, Hanersun is aiming to reach the production peak of this facility rapidly. This initiative will support the collaborative development of Anhui's renewable energy sector, create local employment opportunities, and stimulate the growth of related industries such as raw materials, equipment, and logistics, benefiting both the local community and the nation.