Renewable Hydrogen Coalition maps out policies for Europe to become global leader in renewable hydrogen


The Coalition’s Policy Charter lays out the crucial policy foundations to enable the scaling up and market uptake of renewable hydrogen produced via electrolysis and renewable electricity.

Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson reacted to the news: “Renewable hydrogen will have a key role to play in a sustainable, efficient and modern EU energy system. It offers a great opportunity for Europe to stimulate green recovery, create jobs and be the global leader in clean energy technologies. The Commission launched its ambitious hydrogen strategy last year and I am very happy to see private sector taking action. We need to boost all links in the European hydrogen value chain and this is exactly what the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition has set out to do with the charter published today.”

Europe has committed to decarbonise its energy system. Renewable electricity will take care of most of that. But some sectors cannot be electrified. For them, renewable hydrogen is the missing link. Wind is already 16% of Europe’s electricity. But Europe will need loads more wind farms to meet the demand for renewable electricity to deliver its aspirations to be a global leader in renewable hydrogen technology and solutions”, said Giles Dickson, WindEurope CEO.

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe, continued: “Achieving the goals of the European Green Deal will require a significant scaling-up of renewable deployments across the continent. As the most cost-effective energy technology in history, solar is ready to contribute to this bold undertaking. Yet reaching full decarbonisation of Europe calls for renewable hydrogen to supplement direct electrification. To support job-intensive renewable-based hydrogen, we need to see stronger EU electricity grids and standardised permitting procedures. This will allow Europe to maintain its title as the world-leader in this future-proof technology.

Ann Mettler, Vice President for Europe at Breakthrough Energy, added: “By agreeing to this policy charter, the supporters of the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition have shown they are a force to be reckoned with. They bring a new, entrepreneurial voice to policy debates in the European Union at a time when renewable hydrogen’s potential to deliver on the bloc’s bold climate ambitions becomes clearer each day. Now it’s time for EU policymakers to work with the Coalition to help fast-track development and scale-up of an innovative, future-proof industry that’s at a crucial turning point. Doing so can help boost the recovery, slash carbon emissions and put people to work.”

The Renewable Hydrogen Coalition invites all like-minded innovative and ambitious businesses, from energy and technology providers, startups, entrepreneurs to off takers in relevant end-use sectors, committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2050, to co-sign its Policy Charter and join the Coalition to build Europe’s renewable hydrogen industry.

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